Cat Eye

The cat eye is a common eye form in Western European and many Asian & Middle Eastern
civilisations. The eyes’ outer corners are turned up to the same extent which defines the form.
The rounder eye shape not only looks sleeker and pushed back but also makes the eyes appear
bigger. Your eye form can be drastically altered with cat-eye surgery. Cat-eye surgery is a
cosmetic treatment to alter the size and form of the eyes. It is sometimes referred to as
canthoplasty or cat eye lift. The main goal of this technique is to slightly raise the lateral
canthus, or outside corner, of an eye to create a beautiful cat-eye look in most areas of the
world. Designer eyes and fox eyes are some names for this process.

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Emergence of Cat Eye Surgery

In terms of aesthetics, the 2000s were unquestionably remarkable due to advancements in non-invasive and surgical procedures. Experts presented hundreds of aesthetic and cosmetic concepts that went viral worldwide. In any case, one of the biggest innovations to date is the Cat Eye in Dubai. Women have been the focus of design while creating this cosmetic procedure. Women used eyeliners to create cat eyes, but because it was a temporary fix, most began complaining. This therapy was developed as a solution to this issue. Even though it’s a fantastic treatment, not many people know about it. It might be as a result of the novel therapy.

Let’s get to the point about how Dubai’s Cat Eye Thread lift operates.

A Cat Eye Lift: What Is It?

Cat eye lift therapy aims to give the eyes a raised, younger-looking appearance, much like that of a cat. To obtain this crooked and upturned appearance, this often involves removing the excess fat and skin from the outer edges of the eyes and then tightening the underlying muscles. Many people want this surgery because of its dramatic and exotic impact on their appearance.

How Do They Perform Canthoplasty?

Each patient's cat-eye surgical strategy is unique. However, the primary goal of this procedure is to tighten or realign the anterior canthal tendon, which will result in a little but noticeable change to the exterior corner of each eye. A little incision is made by the surgeon close to the lateral canthus. After that, doctors use sutures to seal the incision and pull the connective tissue into its new place. This causes each eye's outer corner to seem higher than its lower corner, indicating a discernible shift in the eyes' slant. A local anaesthetic is typically used during canthoplasty, an outpatient surgical procedure, to numb the eye. In certain cases, when a patient is extremely anxious before an operation, doctors will give them an intravenous sedative. The actual surgical cat-eye treatment takes around half an hour. This time frame may be extended when canthoplasty is combined with another procedure, such as an eyebrow shape modification.
Cat Eye Surgery at SnB Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai UAE

How Should You Treat Your Eyes After Having A Canthoplasty?

Following cat-eye surgery, the doctor will suggest you stop exercising for seven to ten days. During this time, you should get plenty of rest and keep your head up while you sleep. For several days, you will have to refrain from physical activity, massaging the region that has been treated, and using eye makeup.

Doctors also advise not to overstress the eyes in the post-operative period. Therefore, until you fully recuperate, you must refrain from reading, watching TV, and glancing at your phone screen. Additionally, following surgery, your doctor could advise against using glasses or contact lenses for a few weeks.

What requirements exist for surgery on the cat eye?

Patients who are unhappy with their eyes' look, can endure general anaesthesia, and don't have any medical issues that might impede their ability to recuperate or raise the risk of surgery are suggested candidates for cat eye surgery. Patients under 40 frequently like canthoplasty.

What Should You Take Into Account Before Having Cat Eye Surgery?

Before Cat Eye surgery, individuals must:

Results of Cat-Eye Surgery

Cat-eye surgery, as the name suggests, raises the outer corners of your pupils to give them a cat-eye appearance. Additionally, this procedure raises the corners of both eyebrows and minimises eye sag, giving the appearance of larger, brighter eyes. Six weeks is generally when the consequences of the therapy become apparent.

Do I Make a Good Canthoplasty Candidate?

If you have drooping, sagging, or bulging lower eyelids, you may be an excellent candidate for cat-eye surgery. If you are experiencing emotional anguish due to the existing shape and form of your eyes, consider exploring this treatment.

What Should You Take Into Account Following Cat Eye Surgery?

Bruising and swelling are the most common negative outcomes of fox eye surgery, and they usually go away after two weeks. In addition, the patient may have impaired vision in the initial days after the procedure. After the procedure, the discomfort should be tolerable and minor. The dissolvable sutures employed during the cat cataract procedure will disintegrate within a week following surgery. Patients are recommended not to put on contact lenses for one month following surgery to facilitate healing.

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