We are a path to your pain-free living with top-notch physiotherapy services.

Do you often experience physical pain in your body? Worry not because SnB Aesthetic Clinic is around the corner to serve you. At SnB Aesthetic Clinic, we believe in providing effective treatments to our customers. Our physiotherapy services are provided by industry experts who are experienced and proficient at what they do.

What’s Included in Our Physiotherapy Services:

Dry Needling

Does your body experience pain? Physical therapists and doctors all across the globe use the procedure called dry needling to treat pain and mobility disorders. The procedure is practised in every corner of the world as a strategy to get rid of pain.

The treatment rotates around a method where an experienced doctor inserts a pointed needle through your skin to relieve underlying myofascial triggering points.

The word myofascial is derived from the word myo, which means muscle. Your skin is surrounded by a thin white tissue which is called fascia.

How We Treat

Do you know what’s special at SnB Aesthetic Clinic? The art of performing dry needling treatment. Our highly skilled experts carry out the procedure with care. The professionals at SnB Aesthetic Clinic insert small pointed needles into the patient’s trigger points to reduce pain, which reduces pain and promotes healing. The entire treatment is performed with caution, followed by all the safety precautions and ensuring the patient’s comfort. Every session of dry needling is personalized according to the customer’s needs. We treat specific physical concerns, making sure the customer is fully aware of what treatment we are going to perform. Furthermore, we educate every individual about the benefits of the procedure. This effective approach of physiotherapy, including the dry needling treatment, has won us trust of our customers.


Physiotherapy or physical therapy exercises are performed by professional therapists to keep one’s body moving and to maintain its function. The exercises are essential as they benefit strengthening core muscles, enhancing balance and mobility, increasing flexibility, and minimizing body pain.

There are some of the most common exercises that are performed for different purposes. The exercises are as follows:

Muscle-Strengthening Exercises:

These exercises are essential to lead a healthy and fit life. They are responsible for increasing functional strength and balance, which results in reduced pain levels. These exercises include lifting of weights.

Coordination and Balance Exercises:

To regain coordination and improve balance, these exercises play a vital role. Therapists indulge their patients in exercises which involve single-leg standing to improve balance walking on a line. Etc.

Ambulation Exercises:

Ambulation exercises are performed to improve mobility oneself. Some of the most effective ambulation exercises are walking, jogging, and stair climbing.

How We Treat

If you really care about your physical well-being, then SnB Aesthetic Clinic is the right place for you. We at SnB Aesthetic Clinic promote fitness and personal well-being by catering to individual needs. Our proficient physiotherapists design customized workout routines, keeping customer’s ease comfort and availability the priority. We work in a collaborative environment where there is no communication barrier between us and the customer. We are equipped with cutting-end technology with a welcoming ambience which makes our clinic customer’s top choice for therapeutic sessions. We believe in making our clients take control of their health and fitness. Our dedicated team gets them through safe and efficient treatment that results in total wellness.
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PNF stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation; it is a stretching technique that is performed to improve your range of motion. Therapists often apply this technique to patients who’ve been through an injury or an accident to help them regain their range of motion. Moreover, since it’s an effective treatment, it’s also performed on athletes to enhance their flexibility.

The method for PNF is: Stretch a muscle group

How We Treat

Treating PNF is a tough procedure, but for experts at SnB Aesthetic Clinic, it’s just a piece of cake. Our patient-centric care has always been our first priority. We meticulously examine each customer’s demands and needs, and then we create a personalized solution according to their requirements. Our clinic is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment, allowing us to provide a comfortable and suitable environment for PNF sessions. We think that by providing hands-on teaching, encouragement, and regular progress assessments, we can enable our customers to actively participate in their rehabilitation and achieve the potential results from PNF therapy.

Tecar Therapy

Tecar therapy, also known as Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer, is a modern physiotherapeutic technique that employs radiofrequency technology to achieve therapeutic results. This therapy involves delivering electromagnetic energy to the patient’s tissues, which produces moderate heat and helps healing. Tecar therapy is widely recognized for its ability to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. Its dual action—capacitive for surface tissues and resistive for deeper structures—makes it suitable for treating a wide range of musculoskeletal ailments. Tecar therapy is utilized by physiotherapists to accelerate healing, promote tissue repair, and improve the overall success of rehabilitation programs, making it an essential element in modern physiotherapy operations.

How We Treat

The advanced and efficient tecar therapy treatment is what makes us the leading clinics in Dubai. We are equipped with high-end tecar technology along with expert therapists who aim to provide rapid healing and pain relief. Our non-invasive tecar therapy treatment is non-invasive, which enhances blood circulation and tissue oxygenation resulting in fast recovery of the patient. Our therapists deliver treatments with proficiency and ensure the satisfaction of the individual. We always look forward to improving our treatments by introducing innovative technology and techniques.
Physiotherapy SNB Clinic
SNB Physiotherapy Clinic


Mobilization is a physiotherapy technique that uses passive movement of joints and soft tissues to restore or enhance range of motion. Physiotherapists utilize mobilization to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as stiffness, joint restrictions, and pain. Mobilization reduces adhesions, improves synovial fluid circulation, and promotes joint flexibility by exerting controlled and regulated stress. This precise procedure is adapted to each patient’s specific needs, ensuring a gradual and consistent recovery of joint function. In the context of physiotherapeutic therapy, mobilization is crucial for increasing joint health, decreasing pain, and facilitating overall physical well-being.

How We Treat

SnB Aesthetic Clinic stands out when it comes to providing mobilization treatment. Our personalized and customer-centric approach makes us the top choice for mobilization treatment. Our therapists assess every patient’s needs before implementing mobilization techniques. We focus on joins and tissues which helps in enhancing range of motion and reduces pain. Our process involves gentle and controlled movements that are customized to cure unique conditions.

Manual Therapy

Manual treatment in physiotherapy is a procedure in which therapists use their hands to move joints and soft tissues. The goal of manual therapy is to relieve pain and improve the general function of body components. Expert and experienced therapists employ a variety of manual therapy procedures, including joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, and stretching. These manual approaches can help with serious conditions such as muscle tightness, joint stiffness, and restricted movement.

How We Treat

At SnB Aesthetic Clinic, we have a pool of professional physiotherapists who are backed by years of experience in manual therapy. We deliver top-notch manual therapy services that are customized and according to your needs. Every therapist in our team applies their expertise to provide relief to the patient. Before applying techniques, we conduct a thorough assessment, which allows us to pinpoint areas that require more attention. We ensure every patient receives effective and long-lasting treatment.

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