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Cosmetic dentistry: What is it?

Have you ever wondered how to improve your smile and what alternatives you have when looking in the mirror? Concentrates on improving the look of your smile by employing cosmetic procedures. Many patients benefit from these “Smile Makeovers” by having their confidence and self-esteem restored, which enables them to feel good about themselves. Therefore, a Smile Modification is the solution if you have voids in your teeth that are discoloured, worn down, broken, stained, or misaligned. A Smile Makeover is a combination of any number of cosmetic dentistry operations in which a team of highly qualified cosmetic dentists collaborates with you to create a personalised treatment plan that specifically addresses your aesthetic goals. Patients now have access to a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Experience & Skill Level of Dentist

The experience and skill of the dentist in performing cosmetic dental operations have a major impact on the treatment cost. Dentists with extensive training and experience in cosmetic dentistry Dubai typically bill more. Their expertise and experience guarantee greater accuracy, appeal, and favourable results, which justifies the extra expense.

Cosmetic Dentistry service offered at SnB Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai UAE

Several Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Dubai We Are Offering

Teeth whitening

A number of the most common cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening. It may typically be completed during a visit to your dentist’s office. To restore each tooth’s natural look, a dentist’s hygienist will initially eliminate plaque, tartar, and other debris types from its surface. The teeth can be bleached using a bleaching solution to get even lighter than this initial hue. Teeth stains and wear from food, beverages, medications, and lifestyle activities like smoking accumulates over time. Teeth are whitened by coating, which can be completed at home or in the dentist’s office. Patients can also use toothpaste in one to two weeks to have the same result.

Porcelain veneers

Custom-made caps covering your natural teeth are called dental veneers, usually made of medical-grade ceramic. In addition to having an incredibly lifelike appearance, they may fix a wide range of aesthetic issues, such as uneven teeth, chipped or broken enamel, and obvious spaces between teeth. The dentist places the veneer on the outside of each tooth using dental glue.

Dental implants

Teeth that are missing or broken can be replaced with dental implants. To provide stability for a crown, the dentist places a tiny titanium nail into the jaw where the tooth is lost. The vicinity of natural teeth and these implants are very identical. The implants are cemented into place permanently once the vertebral column and supporting tissue have fused with them. Patients must maintain strict oral hygiene during and after their dental implant to remove plaque and food particles from the region. It’s essential to locate a cosmetic dentist who specialises in the operation you’re contemplating if you’re considering having cosmetic dentistry done. They will provide more advice on which operations would be ideal for you.

Porcelain crowns and bridges

A dental crown is a “cap” that resembles a tooth used to strengthen, restore, or enhance a tooth that is weak or broken. Crowns can be composed of ceramic or porcelain melted to metal, substance, or metal, typically lasting five to fifteen years. The old tooth is honed down as a crown is installed, and the crown is then cemented over it to enclose the tooth completely. Onlays and three-quarter crowns cover less of the tooth’s surface.
Dental implants application available at SnB Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai UAE

Aesthetic gum correction

Gum recontouring, often known as gummy smile therapy, is usually required for cosmetic gum correction. If you suffer from a gummy grin, we can gently shrink and restructure the margins of your gum line using minimally invasive procedures like laser treatment. In this manner, the correct form and curve are created around each tooth. Most laser gum repair procedures may be finished in only one visit. If your gums are sensitive, you can use numbing medicine, although it’s not usually required. The outcomes happen right away. Additionally, when the contouring is done with a device, the gum tissues immediately close, reducing irritation and bleeding. Neither surgical dressings nor sutures are required. Your smile will improve immediately, and there won’t be any recuperation period.

Gum depigmentation

Gum bleaching is a rapid and comparatively painless cosmetic procedure. It is also known as gum discolouration, dark gum treatment, or gum lightening/whitening. A delicate tissue laser is used during the operation. Their dark hues disappear when the laser targets the gum tissue’s black or brown spots. While many patients use this therapy to lighten their black gums, some continue to receive it to achieve uniformly pink gums across their mouths. Smoking is one of the factors that can contribute to hyperpigmentation, leading to dark or depigmented gums due to unsightly tobacco stains.

All-On-4 | All-On-6 Dental Implants

Discover the transformative power of our All-On-4 | All-On-6 Implants at our dental practice. We take pride in offering implant solutions that redefine smiles and restore dental function.

Same Day Implant

Same Day Implants represent a groundbreaking advancement in dentistry, enabling you to attain your desired smile within a single day. Utilizing 3D guided positioning and exact implant techniques, the procedure ensures a safe, painless experience with optimal results.

Reasons for Dark Gums?

Melanin on the outer layer of the gum tissue is the source of the disease known as gingival hyperpigmentation, sometimes referred to as “dark gums.” Every ethnic group and race are susceptible, however those with darker complexion seem to be more affected. While hyperpigmentation can sometimes result from smoking, certain drugs, and systemic disorders, the dark areas can generally develop spontaneously. Although there are no health hazards associated with hyperpigmentation, some individuals would just like to have a happy face with uniformly pink the teeth, which gum lightening can do.
Invisalign Cosmetic Dentistry service offered at SnB Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai UAE

Invisalign or other orthodontics

If you feel self-conscious about showing off your smile due to misaligned or crooked teeth, orthodontic treatment might be a solution. Braces may enhance the health and beauty of anyone’s smile, whether an adult or a kid! They work by gradually moving teeth into alignment using ceramic or metal brackets linked together by rubber bands and wires. Invisalign is an excellent substitute as well. It provides almost invisible aligners that are 3D manufactured and fitted specifically for your teeth, making them more convenient. Additionally, it is a great choice for individuals seeking a discrete and attractive way to straighten their teeth because it is removable. This means you may have a gorgeously aligned smile without anyone else noticing—just your gorgeous smile!

Complete Dental Recovery

A whole mouth rehabilitation involves a number of restorative and cosmetic operations meant to return a patient’s smiles to their optimal state of health, function, and appearance. Patients with advanced periodontist or gum disease, especially those with a large percentage of seriously broken or missing teeth, usually have this done. Our professionals may employ a range of procedures to establish the ideal interaction of the gums, jaws, muscles, and teeth. These procedures may include implants, dental bridges, root canal therapy, veneers, and crowns.

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